Plasma Equipment



PR-200M Fully-automated Plasma Cleaning Machine

Type PR-200M
Size 1083*1233*1754 (mm)
Power 3Φ 220V 32A
Application IC packaging (BGA/Lead Frame/Flip Chip/CSP/QFN), LED packaging, SMT, PCB, Photoelectric componnet, Electronic component.
Function Cleaning and printing before laminate-sealing or surface roughening or cleaning before coheding.
Features 1. Capacitance-type electrode. Using RF power supply.
2. Faster processing speed. Higher cleaning Efficiency. Higher reliability.
3. Under vacuum environment, it improves the surface cleanliness and prevent the organic contamination.
4. Improving the strength and reliability required for connecting with the component. Enhancing Y-rate and reducing the manufacturing cost.
5. Simple operation interface.
6. Cavity Design, can clean more product
Post Date:2019/2/20