Optical Soritng Machine



AT-100R A6 Axis Robot Sorting Machine

Type AT-100R
Size 1200*1000*1700 (mm)
Power 1Φ 220V 3~5A
Application Fastener testing
Function 1. The software is autonomy and diversity, it can add the other function
2. Various dimensions checking (Size, Length, Width, diameter and 360º outter crack)
3. Aotomatic checking
4. Auto loading / auto unloading
5. Auto detecting the products
6. Add various function checking
7. User- Friendly design, Easy operation
Features Lee King researched and developed the machine,adopt 6 axis robot for auto loading, then connected with the auto visual measuring system to measure the dimension. It solve the problem for the large type or particular type product sorting by manual, enhance the quality and productivity on product.
Post Date:2019/2/20